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The technology developed for Nu-stone has truly revolutionized the world of cultured granite, marble, and the solid surface industries forever. Using a patented process called Photofuzion, it is now possible to embed large format high-resolution images of beautiful natural granites and marbles into the surface of cultured marble. This can be accomplished for approximately the same cost as the granite chip and veining techniques currently used in today's cast polymer products, however the results are far superior.
Below are sample images of what we can produce for you. Mouse over the images below for a medium size image or click on the smaller size for a large image of the design from very detailed to what you can expect to see on a wall. To make it even easier to see the larger images, click on the center "play" button and a slideshow will start. You can control it with the pause button as well.

Have fun! And please remember, not all monitors are the same, so the color may not be represented exactly the same as it is in person. The best way to decide on your design is to come and visit us, order or pick up free samples and schedule an in-home quote, all free of charge. The price of this phenomenal material is much less than you would expect. Just read our testimonials to see how much our customers love it!