Cultured Marble, Granite, and Travertine Locally Created in Southern Oregon

Welcome to Marble Creations! We are proud to be the exclusive manufacturer and dealer in Southern Oregon of Nu-Stone, the revolutionary next level of cultured marble and granite products. While we offer a wide range of traditional cultured marble and granite, chances are that once you have seen Nu-Stone, your building or renovating plans will change in an instant.
Shown in the images below, as well as on our extensive Nu-Stone and Gallery pages, you will find a range of designs that come from actual high resolution images of marble, travertine, granite, and wood. So easy to care for, you will find Nu-Stone is a superior option for vanities, tub decks, showers, and more. Nu-Stone is a remarkable solid surface that will transform your project no matter what the size or color scheme.
The beauty comes from the source of the image--without the expense. Nu-Stone's affordability is a fraction of actual marble or granite.

We don't have to sell Nu-Stone--it sells itself. So do yourself a favor and come and visit our showroom. You will find traditional cultured marble and granite samples as well as Nu-Stone installations. Our website has over 75 images that can be seen in large sizes of the various marble, travertine, and granite samples we currently produce. Please feel free to call us, look through our images, or check out our FAQ.

We are locally owned and operated, serving Medford, Ashland, Central Point, the entire Rogue Valley and beyond. We look forward to helping you create a masterpiece in your building and remodelling experiences.